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We hope the information we offer here is useful to you as you plan your trip to Banaue. To best see the region you really need to stay in Banaue proper because that gives you access to information and transport that outlying areas cannot offer. These downtown lodges, all locally owned and operated, greatly appreciate your business.



Banaue Rice Terraces rehab to start by year end.
Catherine Talavera (The Philippine Star) - June 29, 2018
MANILA, Philippines — The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) is targeting to start the rehabilitation of the Banaue Rice Terraces by the end of the year.

“A total of P71 million was allotted in the General Appropriations Act (FY 2018) for the rehabilitation and restoration of the collapsed terrace walls of the famed Banaue Rice Terraces,” TIEZA said.

The Banaue Rice Terraces, built by the Ifugaos by hand some 2,000 years ago, is among the country’s national cultural treasures and is listed as a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site.

At present, more than 500 hectares or 33.6 percent of the Banaue Rice Terraces have been damaged, eroded or abandoned. Read More

The wooden scooter becomes art. Animal shapes carved into wooden scooters add value to this product of Ifugao craftsmanship. Even the most common household artifact has now become an expression of Ifugao art. Tourists return for the Imbayah Festival to watch a 7-kilometer race of hand-carved wooden scooters from the Rice Terraces View Point to the town plaza in Poblacion.

Infinity War hangover. Senator Nancy Binay is looking for one of the biggest badasses of the Marvel universe. Binay shared on Instagram a photo of herself visiting the majestic Banaue Rice Terraces and wondered if Thanos, the villain in the blockbuster film “Avengers: Infinity War,” was still hanging around in the area.

Treasured terraces. We're on the verge of losing Boracay. We've lost Quezon City's forest in the city. Let's not lose the eighth wonder of the world, Banaue's rice terraces. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1995, the terraces slipped to precarious depths when the same Unesco put them in the “danger list” in 2001.

Ifugao women now expert woodcarvers. Female woodcarvers in Ifugao province are patient and meticulous, often working on small pieces sold to tourists. Lourdes Gayumma has become an expert artisan, after joining a group of women building a reputation in the traditionally male-dominated woodcarving industry in a town renowned for its majestic rice terraces.

1234 Inns and Lodges

Las Vegas Restaurant and Lodge
BEST LODGING OPTION . It has a restaurant, bar, and a large social area and is a perfect base for your tours of Banaue and nearby areas. Also, if you wish to cook your own food there is a separate kitchen for your use.

People's Lodge
Nicely located near the market and Tourism office. Their restaurant seems to be the most popular in town.

Fairview Inn
This inn is one of the first hotels you find as you arrive in downtown Banaue. It has a walk-around balcony to enjoy the scenery as well as a pizza restaurant.

Banaueview Inn
This large and comfortable inn is at a higher elevation than any other lodging place in Banaue, allowing you to witness some spectacular sunrises as well as get a panoramic view of the Banaue Valley. Dining and parking are available.

Banaue Homestay
This large house has opened five rooms for guests to enjoy the family atmosphere. Lovely dining area overlooks the Banaue Valley.

Halfway Lodge
Large and attractive dining room overlooks the Banaue Valley. The owners also have a resort in a nearby pine forest.

BATAD! Batad is the primary outlying destinaton for most visitors. Because of recent road improvements you no longer have to stay overnight in Batad. You can instead leave early from Banaue for Batad, walk the terraces and see Tappiah Falls, then return to your lodging in Banaue. Learn more about Batad.
PRONUNCIATION: Most Malay languages give stress to the second syllable so Banaue is pronounced "Bah NOW way". Similarly Batad is "Bah TAHD"; Hungduan is "Hung DEW an"; Mayoyao is "Mah YO ya oh".
ALL PRICES on this website are in Philippine Pesos (PHP). Please remember that Banaue operates on a cash economy only. There are neither ATMs nor banks in town. Credit cards are not accepted. Here's a Currency Convertor
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Jappan's Tours offers an all-inclusive package that allows you to see Banaue, Batad, Bontoc, and Sagada in a well-organized 3-day tour. Learn more about Jappan's Tours.

Let's get out and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines!

CONTACT: Jappan Bustamante

Tours of the entire Ifugao region as well as Baguio from his own comfortable SUV. Highly recommended.

+63 918 440 9932

1234 Resorts

Banaue Ethnic Village & Pine Resort
This is the ONLY true resort in the Banaue region. It has camp grounds, cottages, swimming pools, picnic shelters, function hall, parking, heritage center, and the smell of a pine forest. Terrific!

1234 Inns and Lodges

Nature's Mist
Banaue's newest guest house. Close enough to the central zone to take advantage of the transport and dining options but far enough to avoid the noise and chaos of that area. Lovely relaxation pool!

Stairway Restaurant and Lodge
Lovely restaurant overlooking Rice Terraces. Many lodging options with single and double rooms.

Greenview Lodge
Room options vary from a nice ensuite room at P1800 to dormitory rooms at P250 per bed. The restaurant overlooks the nearby terraces. Other features include a conference room, netcafe, and souvenir shop.

Sanafe Lodge
Entrance is on high street near the market and shops; it has a restaurant overlooking the Banaue Terraces. Single rooms begin at P800.

Terraceville Inn
This large and attractive lodge is spotlessly clean. It's near downtown and a great place to relax. Parking space available.

Spring Village Inn
With 20 rooms this inn can easily accommodate large groups. Plenty of parking for buses and vans. Two comfortable rest areas and a waterfall.

1234 Thatched Roof Lodging

Ramon's Homestay
is in Batad, and where you can stay in a native Ifugao house or one of their lodge rooms. It's really more than just a rustic inn; it's also a learning and cultural center about Ifugao life.

Native Village Inn
Lodge with a partial view of the Hapao Terraces but it's in a very remote location, which limits its access to most tour attractions in the Banaue area. Foreign owner has shown disdain for Filipinos.

Hiwang Native House
A park, cultural center, and museum on a high point above the Banaue Valley. Only 3 km from downtown.

1234 Full Service Hotel

Banaue Hotel with adjacent Youth Hostel
Government owned. Upscale accommodation with lovely restaurant, swimming pool, large parking lot, cultural presentations. Some economy dorm rooms available.


CONTACT: Irene Binalet

Offering tours of Batad and other regions nearby.

+63 916 984 8380

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The Department of Tourism oversees the tour industry and accredits lodges and guides.


Inns and Lodges:
(All are in Banaue proper and easily accessible)

Nature's Mist
Las Vegas
Spring Village Inn
Banaue Homestay
Terraceville Inn
Halfway Lodge

Full Service Hotel:

Banaue Hotel / Hostel

Other Lodging Options:

Randy's Brookside Inn, Bogah Home Stay, Kim's Homestay, Lhorens Inn and Restaurant, Trekkers Lodge and Cafe, Cristina's Main Village Inn and Restaurant (Batad Trail), Koreen guest house, Pink Banaue Hostel, Querencia Hotel, Wonder Lodge, Banaue Evergreen Hostel and Restaurant, Rice Homestay, 7th heaven Cafe & lodge, Cambulo Country Cabin (in Cambulo), Tam-An Hotel

(On a very good road)

Banaue Ethnic Village & Pine Resort

Thatched Roof Lodging:
(All are in outlying areas)

Ramon's Homestay
In Batad, nice option!
Native House Viewdeck
4 km from downtown Banaue, nice park but poor lodging options
Native Village Inn
9 km from downtown, owned by a foreigner with a nasty attitude. NOT RECOMMENDED!

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