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Banaue Ethnic Village & Pine Forest Resort
Banaue, Ifugao 3601, Philippines
JANE D. BUYAO, Manager

Mobile: +63 919 614 2266 / +63 915 464 8921

Banaue Ethnic Village & Pine Forest Resort is on a six hectare lot in a pine forest above downtown Banaue. It has large grassy areas, picnic shelters, swimming pools, and a large function hall. This would be an ideal place for a school or other organization to have training sessions or meetings.

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A view of the entrance to the grounds and one of the park's recreation zones.
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The Heritage Center displays the evolution of the Ifugao house with the first type shown here. With time they evolved into the more modern ones on poles. Here is one with animal skulls under the eaves. The Ifugao live close to nature and therefore have great respect for the animals among them which have provided food as well as labor.
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A blacksmith's forge. Those two cylinders are actually air pumps which, when the pistons are pushed in alternate strokes, can drive a surprisingly large amount of air to the fire.

BATAD! Batad is the primary outlying destinaton for most visitors. Because of recent road improvements you no longer have to stay overnight in Batad. You can instead leave early from Banaue for Batad, walk the terraces and see Tappiah Falls, then return to your lodging in Banaue. Learn more about Batad.
PRONUNCIATION: Most Malay languages give stress to the second syllable so Banaue is pronounced "Bah NOW way". Similarly Batad is "Bah TAHD"; Hungduan is "Hung DEW an"; Mayoyao is "Mah YO ya oh".
ALL PRICES on this website are in Philippine Pesos (PHP). Please remember that Banaue operates on a cash economy only. There are neither ATMs nor banks in town. Credit cards are not accepted. Here's a Currency Convertor
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The driveway into the large camping and picnic area with the function hall in the background.
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Interior of the function hall. Notice the intricate design on the columns and the horizontal supports of the building. That is not paint but is the bark of a thorn tree that's indigenous to that area. Ask a staff member to show you the tree. There are many in the area.
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One of the cabins available to rent. Notice that it's done in the tradtional Ifugao style but with the addition of a small kitchen and bath. If you travel with your own gas campstove you are welcome to do your own cooking. The undersides of Ifugao houses are their social zones and work zones.
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More picnic shelters at the upper campground. A view of the swimming pools from the upper area.
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From these heights you can get a lovely view of downtown Banaue and the terraces in the distance.

The owners of this attractive mountain resort also own the Halfway Lodge in downtown Banaue. For reservations and information about either the mountain resort or the downtown lodge contact Ms. Jane at the phone or email address given above.

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Banaue Hotel / Youth Hostel

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Banaue Ethnic Village & Pine Forest Resort

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Jappan's Tours offers an all-inclusive package that allows you to see Banaue, Batad, Bontoc, and Sagada in a well-organized 3-day tour. Learn more about Jappan's Tours.
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