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This lodge, while it is within the limits of the municipality of Banaue, is not in the downtown area where most tour and lodging activity occurs. It's located about 9 km to the west of Banaue proper. There are no shops nearby for snacks, nothing to entertain the kids. The nearest restaurant, other than this lodge's own, is in downtown Banaue.


1) This lodge is in a very remote area and on a road often blocked by landslides. The road surface was recently paved but much of the road is merely a cut on the side of a mountain, a very steep mountain which drops rocks from above after nearly every rainfall. This often blocks the roadway and the road crews need two or three days to clear the very large ones. If you're not on a flexible schedule you might have transport problems.

 Click to enlarge. A photo of a recent landslide which blocked the roadway. Note the very steep mountain on the left from where the rocks and mud fell; it's at about an 80 degree angle, making it very hard to prevent them. That same steep drop continues downward on the other side and there are no guardrails to stop a vehicle sliding out of control. (Click photo to enlarge)

2) The owner is a foreigner who in the past was investigated by the government for mistreating his employees. We can't recommend this place; much better to spend your money for lodging in the downtown area where the owners are Filipinos and will treat you with respect.

BATAD! Batad is the primary outlying destinaton for most visitors. Because of recent road improvements you no longer have to stay overnight in Batad. You can instead leave early from Banaue for Batad, walk the terraces and see Tappiah Falls, then return to your lodging in Banaue. Learn more about Batad.
PRONUNCIATION: Most Malay languages give stress to the second syllable so Banaue is pronounced "Bah NOW way". Similarly Batad is "Bah TAHD"; Hungduan is "Hung DEW an"; Mayoyao is "Mah YO ya oh".
ALL PRICES on this website are in Philippine Pesos (PHP). Please remember that Banaue operates on a cash economy only. There are neither ATMs nor banks in town. Credit cards are not accepted. Here's a Currency Convertor
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Native Village Inn
Uhaj, Banaue, Ifugao 3601, Philippines

Graham Taylor
+63 916 405 6743 / +63 908 864 6658

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This man has a long history of predatory and illegal behavior and yet continues to escape justice!(Click to enlarge photo)

* Illegal importation of vast amounts of foreign currency, much of it in 500 Euro notes to be more easily concealed.
* Proudly admits to a cozy relationship with certain tax officials and certain "gifts" he has given them.
* Refusal to pay employees he considered vulnerable and incapable of official complaint.
* Frequently takes prostitutes from Angeles City to his lodge in Banaue.
* Proudly tells other foreigners that he bedded a very young, quite possibly a minor, local girl at his lodge, and he shows her photo.
* Has committed cybercrimes by his repeated attempts to hack this website and illegally claim the domain.
 Click to enlarge. * Has so humilitated his wife with his public displays of infidelity that she's had to be hospitalized. (Click to read her sad Facebook post)


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One of the native houses with the Hapao Valley in the distance.
 Click to enlarge.
Dining room with fireplace.

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There is no shortage of lodging in the Banaue area; the above list shows those featured on our website and which have their own pages here. But other options are available:

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(In Banaue proper and easily accessible)

Banaue Hotel / Youth Hostel

(6km from Banaue proper, on a good road)

Banaue Ethnic Village & Pine Forest Resort

Thatched Roof Lodging:
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Ramon's Homestay
In Batad, nice option!
Native House Viewdeck
4 km from downtown Banaue, nice park but poor lodging options
Native Village Inn
9 km from downtown, NOT RECOMMENDED, owned by a foreigner with a nasty attitude

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